You Submit The Project Idea, Your Collective Creates The Work

Are you tired or unimpressed with the art you see in exhibitions? Have you got ideas for art projects that you either don't have enough time to complete or don't feel you're capable of executing? We are here for you. We are Your Collective.

The founding members of Your Collective are a group of artists from the Camberwell College of Art who are here to serve as your collaborators . Submit a project idea and Your Collective will interpret and execute the project. Each week we will select 5 project submissions to tackle and present the work in Your Collective's gallery. Those who submit project ideas that have been completed will receive a Your Collective badge and of course, credit for their role in the project.

So now it's up to you: Do you feel there is an issue or group underrepresented in the art world? Do you have a story you'd like to tell? Do you enjoy art that is humorous or absurd? Or do you prefer art that is serious, contemplative or abstract? Your Collective looks forward to hearing from you and creating the art that you propose. Become a part of Your Collective and submit a project proposal in the form below:

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